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Cancellation Policy

Flight Cancellation Policy:
As most of the Airlines tickets are 100% non-refundable so it is recommended to check the ticket conditions before the purchase of the flight which are easily available under the "FARE RULES" section in the flight search result.

For Non-Refundable Ticket
If an Airline ticket is non-refundable, then in no circumstance any refund will be provided to the traveller. Also,  the traveller is not liable to claim any refund any unused taxes.

In case of any flight schedule change or non-operation flights, it will solely be the decision of the airlines whether they will provide a refund (partial/full) or not.
In case of refund approval, Paym Trip may charge a convenience fee of up to INR 1000 for Domestic flights and up to INR 3000 for International Flights or depending upon the situation or prior commitment held in between the first and the second party.  

For Refundable Tickets

NOTE:- No refund will be provided in case of "no-show".

Cancellation through Travel Agency
A request must be made at least 48 hours before the departure (excluding weekends) or even early in case of weekends, to cancel the flight reservation.

The customer needs to contact over the phone and share an email requesting the cancellation of the ticket mentioning the reason for cancellation (optional). Airlines may provide full/partial refund in case of medical cases.

Agency will further check for the cancellation policy with the airlines or ticket issuing company and will intimate you regarding the cancellation charge (including the agency service fees) before finally proceeding with the cancellation.